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2020/09/11 08:24


オランウータンの赤ん坊が「セピロック オランウータン リハビリテーションセンター」に保護された時、すでに母親はいなかった。はぐれてしまったのか、餓死したのか、人間に殺されてしまったのか。そのどれにしても再び母親に会える可能性は殆どない。孤児になった赤ん坊は、檻の中で頭からタオルをかぶっていた。何かに包まれていないと不安なのだろう。深刻なトラウマで、食べ物を吐き出してしまう孤児もいた。森林伐採や農園開発によって森林減少が進むボルネオ島では、多くの固有種が危機的な状況に置かれている。野生と文明の衝突地点で野生孤児はさらに増えていくだろう。

"Orphan Orangutan"

When an orangutan infant was brought to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, it was already without a mother. Had the mother been separated from her infant, or starved to death, or been killed by a human? Whatever the case, there was very little chance that the infant would meet her again. The orphaned orangutan infant was inside its cage wearing a towel on its head. It must have felt uneasy without being wrapped up in something. There was also an orphan who, because of serious trauma, couldn't keep down its food. Due to deforestation as a result of lumbering and agricultural development, a large number of Borneo's endemic species are facing critical conditions. At the point where civilization and the wild collide, orphaned wild animals will likely continue to grow.